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I have over 25 years of experience in the art of making the efforts of others look perfect.

This includes:​

  • Oversight, production, and project management

  • Implementation and management of workflow processes, timelines from design to delivery, ensuring deliverables are within budget and on-time

  • Identify, understand and support brand and business strategies

  • Clear communication with stakeholders, creative department, vendors

  • Provide and seeking answers and solutions constantly

  • Always aware of all the "spinning plates" and what's on the back burner and what's high priority

  • Understand the importance and value of guidelines, templates, toolkits and style guides.

  • Implementing, establishing processes to create order, improve workflow.

  • Intuitively checking all details. This includes (but not limited to): house style, guidelines, logos, fonts, colors, spelling, grammar, legal issues, spacing, dimensions, format, accessibility issues and purpose of every piece.

  • Interpreting someone’s vague notions and explanations with logic and common sense.

I am the multi-tasking, organized, reliable, adaptable chameleon to get the job done.

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