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Problem Solving

Production in itself requires daily problem solving. A healthy, happy production workflow requires the ability to adapt, improve, and evolve along with tools, technology, workflow, and demand. I'm always keen to be involved, understand, and communicate with all involved to improve anything.

Past projects include:

  • File organization (naming, archiving)

  • Creating asset libraries, toolkits, templates

  • Improving communication, documentation

  • Training, mentoring, sharing knowledge on all levels

  • Participate in ERGs and networking

Example 1: Digital Asset Manager Implementation

Problem: Increasingly growing and remote team created issues of understanding how to find resources, ensuring team knew latest updates, guidelines, campaigns, events, and additions to illustration library. 

Solution: Hire a Digital Asset Manager and collaborate on best work practices, including: creating new workflow, naming conventions, tagging, integrating Adobe and Jira, creating templates within Brandfolder and training colleagues on best practices.

Example 2: Atlassian toolkit update


Problem: Increase in new hires in a virtual world slowed down onboarding, absorption of company look and feel. Resources needed to be more robust and easier to use.

Solution: Worked with Creative Team to guide contractor in creating 12 new toolkit files for social assets. Streamlined toolkits for creating documents, created modified style guide/instructions for easy reference. Created new onboarding and training process.

Example 3: Atlassian Keynote presentation deck toolkit update

Problem: Presentation deck toolkit needed to be more robust to accommodate different needs, yet maintain Atlassian look and feel and be easy for all employees to use.

Solution: Add new and updated illustrations, icon, logos create new options, re-organize sections.

Over 500 assets were organized, sizes and colors checked, naming conventions standardized, and organized in Keynote toolkit files.

Example 4: Atlassian internal self-service sticker catalogue

Problem: Requests for stickers from employees around the world were overwhelming Creative Team.

Solution: Create Self-Service portal where employees could download print-ready file to send to sticker vendor of their choice.
97 files were organized, converted to CMYK, re-sized for universal consistency, dielines added, mocked-up on laptops to scale, uploaded to Confluence page.

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